There are a lot of food hotspots in Valencia. And of course I haven’t tested them all but today I’m sharing with you my favorite food hotspots I’ve been to. So if  Valencia is your next trip this guide is for you!


If you’re a sushi lover like me, you’ll LOVE this food hotspot in Valencia. It’s a mix of Japanese and Brazilian food, and it is seriously DELICIOUS. The food is amazingly plated and it’s super colorful. My mom and I didn’t know what to order so we ordered the surprise menu and I would 100% recommend it! You get 7 dishes that you can share together and you’ll get the best of both (Japanese and Brazilian) worlds.

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Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche is a delicious breakfast/lunch food hotspot in Valencia. We went here every morning for breakfast. You can get the best pastries in town here, everything looks sooo good and it tastes even better! This cafe has more locations but the one we went to is in the Rusaffa neighborhood. It was a 5-minute walk from our hotel, so perfect to start the day!

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food hotspots dulce de leche

Bluebell coffee

Bluebell Coffee is also located in Rusaffa. We went here on the first day we arrived to get something to eat. It’s a great place if you need to get some work done or to get a quick coffee. It also has a lot of vegan options!

food hotspots bluebell coffee
food hotspots bluebell coffee

El Camerino

Of course, a tapas restaurant can’t be missed in the food hotspots Valencia guide when you’re in Spain. This restaurant was also very close to our hotel and the staff was so friendly! We ordered four different tapas dishes per person and that was enough.

food hotspots el camerino
food hotspots el camerino

These are not food hotspots, but you definitely need to try them

Did you know Valencia is known for inventing the Paella? If not, you know now! Valencia is also known for its oranges, but that’s a side note ;). Back to the Paella, the original recipe is not with seafood as you might know it, but with rabbitOf course, they serve Paella with seafood too. Also, in Valencia, you eat Paella for lunch instead of dinner! You can literally eat Paella at every restaurant there is. I really want to eat it now while I’m writing this haha.

Then, there’s this super famous drink everyone is talking about. It’s called Agua de Valencia. It’s a drink just like Sangria but then the Valencian way. It’s filled with oranges, vodka, cava, and gin. It’s soooo good and you need to try it!

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