Today I’m sharing 8 Instagram spots in Amsterdam that you should definitely add to your photo spots list if you’re coming to Amsterdam!

1. One of the most famous Instagram spots in Amsterdam: The Canals

This may be a little predictable but it’s what makes Amsterdam so unique and pretty. A trip to Amsterdam shouldn’t be done without a pic at the beautiful canals. And of course, it’s a little cliché but there are 165 canals you can choose from so there’s one for everyone!
instagram spots amsterdam canals

2. De Pijp

You have a lot of cute cafes and photo spots in area De Pijp. You will find a lot of cute streets with wall art and the cutest houses. You can also find the ‘wake me up when I’m famous’ wall here. One of Amsterdam’s most popular Instagram spots. 
wake me up when i'm famous

3. Damrak

The famous Amsterdam houses, you’ll find them here. I love this place so much and it’s a great photo spot! Even though it’s one of the busiest streets in Amsterdam, it doesn’t get very crowded at the spot itself.  It’s one of my favorite Instagram spots in Amsterdam because it really shows off the beauty of the city.
instagram spots amsterdam damrak

4. Magna Plaza

If you’re in Amsterdam around Christmas time, this one is for you. Magna Plaza is a little warehouse that will have a huge Christmas Tree hanging above the floor. It’s really big and absolutely magical. Definitely Instagram worthy if you ask me!
magna plaza amsterdam christmas tree

5. The Flower Market

The famous flower market is a must go, it’s located on a canal next to Koningsplein. Only the smell will make you want to go! P.S. the place where I took this photo was at one of the last stalls if you walk from Koningsplein. 😉
flower market instagram spots amsterdam

6. Magere Brug

This is one of the most famous bridges in Amsterdam. It’s super cute at night as the lights go on! TIP: It’s close to the Amstel Hotel which is a beautiful backdrop for photos!
magere brug instagram spots amsterdam

7. Zevenlandenhuizen ‘Spanje’

Zevenlandenhuizen (seven land houses) are seven houses named after different countries such as France and Spain. Spain is one of the popular ones. A must add to your Instagram spots in Amsterdam list if you ask me. I love the architecture and the colors!

8. Toast It

This is another cute lunch spot which is located nearby Leidseplein. It has those American vibes all over it and so Instagram worthy! Also their food is really delicious especially the milkshakes 😋.
toast it amsterdam

Have you ever visited Amsterdam or is it still on your bucket list? Let me know! If you go, make sure to add these Instagram spots to your map and tag me in your photos on Instagram! I added the location to each one to make it a little easier. 🙂

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